Clean Up Namibia Campaign

In support of the “Clean Up Namibia” day, Okahandja businesses came together by means of a project to restore the town’s slogan of being “The Garden Town” of Namibia.


Making sure the community involved knows the benefits of a clean and healthy environment for adults, children, animals and our water sources, is of utmost importance.

This involves more than relying on local government, even more local municipalities, to ensure that our towns and neighborhoods are kept clean.

Some benefits include:

  • Better health and less medical expenses
  • Clean Air to breath
  • Less accidents due to glass and steel waste
  • Better odor in and around your home
  • Better living conditions contributes to a better mental state.

To support our local council in cleaning our lovely town,  local businesses in Okahandja have donated 28 rubbish bins in order to set the example of “doing your part”. 
These bins will be installed at all the major foot and vehicle traffic points to be effective in their purpose.

Every person should do his part in contributing to a cleaner, more beautiful Okahandja

We invite people to show love to their neighbor in just cleaning up behind themselves. In doing that, we will soon see a significant difference in the way our town looks, smells and carries it’s name.

Major contributing companies are: