Okahandja informal settlements hamper development, says town official

THE informal settlements at Okahandja do not pay for municipality services, which impedes the town’s development.

This was said by the Okahandja Town Council chief executive officer, Martha Mutilifa, to Nampa on Friday.

Mutilifa said with the financial difficulties the country is facing, the council made a request to the government for permission to acquire funding from outside in October last year to development formal structures for erven owners who lacked the means to develop them.

‘”The town is swamped by informal settlements and people expecting full services from the council, which is getting nothing from them,” said Mutilifa.

She noted that if these residents were provided with the formal structures, the municipality would be able to get funds for the services provided to those residents.

“We owe NamWater N$7 million and we do not know how we are going [to] make that money to pay them given the fact that Okahandja does not have the buying power and there is unemployment countrywide, which is even worse here, but every day we have to give full services,” Mutilifa explained.

She added that the little funds they get from residents have to be shared with service provides.

Mutilifa stressed that as a council, they are trying by all means, to collect money from the services provided by the municipality but people do not have jobs to pay for these services.

“The other thing we did to relieve people from having outstanding debts is that we asked the ministry to fund us or give us funding to acquire pre-paid water meters. We bought 500 water meters which we gave to the community,” added Mutilifa.

She, however, expressed concern over the vandalism of these water meters by some community members. —Nampa


Source: www.namibian.com.na