Police Officer Arrested for Robbery

A police officer stationed in another region was arrested on Saturday night for allegedly robbing a man of his money and shoes.

During a recent interview, deputy commissioner Naukalemo Andreas mentioned that the office is suspected to have been one of the four men armed with empty bottles during the robbery.

The incident was to have happened around 9:00 PM in the evening on Saturday. Four men were seen walking on a street where the victim, a 28-year-old man and his friend were also walking.

“The police officer and his gang allegedly stopped the victim and started to attack him with empty bottles they used as weapons, smashing his face several times and also kicking and punching him,” said Andreas.

It’s further added on that the officer and his companions could be heard demanding money and the sandals the victim wore. About N$ 1150 were removed from the victim.

The victim and his friend has since reported the crime to the Okahandja police. The officer involved in the robbery and another suspect were arrested soon after. These suspects are to appear in the Okahandja Magistrate’s Office later this week.

Two other suspects still remain at large and police investigations continue.

Source : www.namibian.com.na