Pupil Accused of Stabbing Teacher Suspended

A Grade 10 pupil who has been accused of stabbing a teacher on school premises has been suspended by Okahandja Secondary School.

A report goes on to to say that the student, whose age remains unknown, was caught jumping the school fence last Wednesday.

A teacher had caught the student and brought him to the principal’s office where he was reprimanded and then sent home to fetch his parents.

The student instead brought his sister and was once again brought to the principal’s office.

It was on the way to the principal’s office when the pupil, who was walking behind the teacher, reached out and stabbed him with a knife on his right shoulder leaving the knife stuck to the body.

The teacher was immediately rushed to hospital where he received medical care and soon after, reported the case to the Okahandja police.

The pupil’s sister, who accompanied him back to the school, later told the principal: “He [pupil] came home and told me to follow him to school. I asked why, but he did not reply. I saw him taking a knife and he ran to school.”

The sister continued: “I ran after him and he jumped [over] the school wall into the school [premises]. I followed him and jumped too. As we entered the school [premises], the pupil moved towards the teacher. I saw him take out the knife and I shouted at him ‘Do not’.

“He stabbed the teacher from behind and the knife remained stuck in the teacher’s body.”

On the 30th of January, the school board gathered and decided to suspend the pupil.

In a statement released to the public, Ministry of Education spokesperson, Absalom mentions, “When a pupil decides to take a knife or other offensive weapon into a school or gets involved in an act of violence, it is a serious offense with potentially fatal consequences,”.

He added: “This is not only in contradiction of the school rules, but also in violation of the law, depending on the case severity. This incident has been reported to the police and the investigation is ongoing.

The regional directorate will dispatch a social worker to do trauma debriefing and will engage the police to go to the schools and talk to the learners.”

Source : www.namibian.com.na